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Artur Fedorowski (1965) - Životopis

Veškerá práva k užívání těchto materiálů vycházejí z práv konkrétních projektů. Pokud můžete doplnit materiály k tomuto pamětníkovi, prosím, kontaktujte nás.

Back then we were just angry

Artur Fedorowski was born on 9 July 1965 in Wroclaw in a family of an engineer and a teacher. In August 1980 he was 15 and was about to enrol in secondary school number 14 in Wroclaw. The information about the outbreak of a strike was a turning point in his life. He got involved in the activity of the Confederation of Independent Poland. For 3 years he printed and distributed leaflets. In secondary school he founded the School Movement for the Defence of Political Freedom. During martial law he received documents for safekeeping-telefaxes from the headquarters of "Solidarity" at Mazowiecka Street in Wroclaw. In 1984 he began his studies at the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University in Wroclaw. During his trip to Vienna in 1987 he became fascinated with the Hare Krishna movement. In 1999 he obtained the degree of the doctor of medical sciences. In the same year he had met his future wife with whom he moved to Sweden two years later. In Sweden his two daughters were born. At first he worked in an internal medicine hospital, later in a cardiology hospital. He obtained the title of the associate professor in cardiology at the University of Lund.

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