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Tadeusz Rusnak (1953) - Biography

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The ministry of the need of the moment and heart

Tadeusz Rusnak, catholic priest, born on the 15th of February 1953 in Siedlęcin, Jeleniogórski poviat. Brought up in a  rural family. During his high school years he trained athletics, mainly running. Having graduated from the Mechanics Technical School in Jelenia Góra he commenced studies in Wrocław at the former Agricultural University. Within the capital city of Lower Silesia he was a member of a well-known  academic chaplaincy called "Pod Czwórką". Under the influence of their chaplain, Fr. Aleksander Zienkiewicz he decided to join the Seminary in Wrocław. In 1980 in August he carried out holiday diaconal apprenticeship in St. Maurice's parish  located in the centre of Wrocław. Inspired by an immediate need he decided to come to the Holy Mass celebrated at the Grabiszyński Depot. He also participated in other Masses during those days, ie. in Pafawag. A year later he was ordained to the Priesthood and directed to Jelenia Góra to the parish of St.  Wojciech. He cooperated there with the Jeleniogórska Solidarity and local opposition. He organized a Mass for Fatherland, distributed tissue paper, samizdats and he contributed to the creation of underground "Teatr 44". In 1986 he moved to Wrocław to the parish of St. Maximilian. Later he served at the Wrocław Ołtaszyn, Strzelce near Namysłów, University church in Wrocław and in Żerniki Wrocławskie where he remains to date.

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