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Zdeňka Křížová, rozená Hnitková (1940) - Biography

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Zdeňka Křížová (rozená Hnitková) was born on 26th March 1940 in Prague. Her parents and grandparents from both sides lived in Kralupy. Father of Zdeňka´s mother was an important town citizen, the director of the local distillery. The first self-contained memory of the witness is of the devastating air-raid of Kralupy, in March 1945. Afer the war, her grandfather was deprived of his work post and accused of the co-operation with the Germans. The family lost its social status and property and was labelled as politically unreliable. The witness completed her studies of the Pedagogical School without having a chance to study at university. She was sent on a job offer to different schools . In the 1960s she succeeded in adding Russian, Music and later English to her qualifications. English has become her lifelong profession and interest.

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When: 25/12/2015 11:56:00
Author: Míša Čaňková, Other specialisation: collector
Title: Z Kralup do Prahy 4 Nového Podolí
Pamětnice má silné vzpomínky z dětství na bombardováni Kralup, ale její profesní vzpomínky se vztahují k Praze 4 Novému Podolí, kde žije od roku 1962.
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