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Štefánia Mišaniová (Sestra Honória) (1929) - Biography

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Everything just for the service of God

Štefánia Mišaniová was born on October 13, 1929 in Valaská Belá. In her home village she experienced times of the outbreak of the Slovak National Uprising as well as following battles between partisans and German troops. After the front´s crossing and the end of the war she left to study at the Pedagogical Institute in Nitra. Here she decided to enter the religious order of Vincentian Sisters of Charity, and gained her first experiences with the upcoming new regime. After she became a nun and received the religious name Honória, related to the occurring events, she was transferred to Trenčín, where she worked as a nurse. In August 1956 the Vincentian Sisters had to leave from this therapeutic institution and were deported to different places in Bohemia. For a short time, sister Honória got to Ružomberok, from where she applied to leave to sisters in Smečno. There in an old people´s home she worked for twelve years. Later on she moved to Bylany where she during the further twenty-three years took care of differently ill, disabled, or behaviorally disordered children.

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