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Bogusław Ziobrowski (1957) - Životopis

Veškerá práva k užívání těchto materiálů vycházejí z práv konkrétních projektů. Pokud můžete doplnit materiály k tomuto pamětníkovi, prosím, kontaktujte nás.

Than one felt that we're doing a good job!

Bogusław Ziobrowski was born in 1957; as soon as he had finished a vocational school he left Poland and went to the GDR in Weimar and engaged himself in manual labour. In Weimar he came into contact with trade unions for the first time. He became the chairman of the group of Polish workers. In 1979 he started working in the Motor Transport Company (PKS) as a bus driver. When he found out about the commencement of strike in the bus depot at the Municipal Transport Company (MPK) on the 26thAugust, 1980, he started to organize the strike in the Motor Transport Company where he worked. Ziobrowski was elected deputy chairman of Intercompany Strike Committee where he was responsible for registering new trade unions which went on strike. On the 30thAugust, he went to Gdańsk, with three other strikers. He brought to Wrocław the copy of the Gdańsk Agreement signed by Anna Walentynowicz that led to ending the strike in Wrocław. Ziobrowski was involved in trade unions’ activity until their disbandment by authority in 1981. He withdrew from political activity during the martial law. After 1989 he set up his own transport company.

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