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Mirel Marin Stănescu (1940) - Biography

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The minors sentenced for political reasons were considered to have political judgement from 14 years old.

He was born on September 8, 1940 in Constanţa.
Mirel Stănescu attended primary and secondary school at the General School No. 6 in Constanţa, and then studied at the Mihai Eminescu High School in the same city.
Growing up in an environment, which was hostile towards the communist regime, while still in high school, Mirel Stănescu decided to leave the country. He talked about his decision, but also expressed his views against the communist regime, with several colleagues and friends, as well as with his neighbour, Valentin Beer. The latter then approached a sailor, Vasile Grigoras, who had promised to help them flee the country by boat.
The Securitate finally found out about their plans. As a consequence, on August 13, 1957, Mirel Stănescu, who was in 11th grade at the time, was arrested and taken to the Securitate headquarters in Constanţa. While in the custody of the Securitate, he learned about Valentin Beer's and Vasile Grigoraş' arrest, who had been detained a few days earlier.
After several months of investigations, at the beginning of November 1957, following a trial by the Constanţa Military Court, Mirel Stănescu was sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment in a correctional institution for "hostility towards the popular democracy regime" and "preparatory acts for crossing the border." Vasile Grigoraş was sentenced to 5 years, while Valentin Beer to 4 years in prison.
In January 1958, although still a minor, Mirel Stănescu was transferred to the Jilava Penitentiary, where he spent one month in a prison cell along with other 80 detainees. In February 1958, he was transferred to the Cluj Penitentiary for juvenile offenders. He remained here until May 1958, when the prison was closed down, and the inmates were transferred to Ocnele Mari. Mirel Stănescu was detained here until reaching the age of 18 years. In September 1958, he was transferred to the Gherla Penitentiary, and then, in May 1959, to the Periprava labour camp on the Great Brăila Island, where inmates were used for harvesting rush, agricultural work or the construction of dams.
He was released from prison on September 1, 1959.
After his release, he continued to be kept under surveillance by the Securitate until 1978. After the end of his prison term, Mirel Stănescu managed to get a job at the Mechanical Shipbuilding Plant, where he was harassed, threatened and interrogated by officers of the Securitate.
He is currently living in Constanţa. He is a member of the Association of Former Political Detainees in Romania.

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