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Madeleine Landoltová (1945) - Biography

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Swimming upstream

Madeleine Landoltová was born on Oct 1, 1945 in Swiss Schaffhausen as the oldest of four siblings. Her father worked as a mechanic, her mother a fine artist. She spent her childhood in the Zug canton in the middle Switzerland. Her father was a religious socialist and engaged himself in the unions and was interested in politics, and similarly brought his children. The witness studied architecture. During her studies she entered the Communist party of Switzerland, but left after two years. She was interested in life in the Eastern Europe and in 1969 she left thanks to her acquaintance, a post-August emigrant from Czechoslovakia; she visited Prague and decided to stay there. During several visits in 1969-1971 she met her future husband Jiří Škvor, who she married in January 1971. For two years she then worked as a part-time worker at a gas station. In 1973 she decided to leave together with her husband for Switzerland. But their marriage spit in ten years. In 1985-1986 she lived as a volunteer in Nicaragua and Salvador. Madeleine Landoltová was an active member of the party Grüne Alternative and in 1986-1991 she represented GA in the Swiss parliament in Zug canton. In 1996-2005 she worked in the Public documentary centre in Doku-zug.ch. Since 2005 she has lived in Prague and worked in several NGOs (InBáze Berkat, Romodrom, R-mosty, Člověk v tísni).


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