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Ing. Svatopluk Bauman (1940) - Biography

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To remain alone

Svatopluk Bauman was born June 21, 1940 in the family of a miller in Vyšehořovice in central Bohemia. In 1942 his father Břetislav went to check his fields and he found footprints in the snow. They belonged to Jozef Gabčík and Jan Kubiš. The Bauman family was helping the members of the group Anthropoid by giving them food and transporting the parachuted material. Svatopluk's father even gave the paratroopers a ride to the train station in nearby Úvaly. The family experienced the fierce retaliation which started after the assassination of Heydrich. The Gestapo arrested Svatopluk's father in early July 1942 and two-year old Svatopluk with his mother were arrested in August. His parents were transported to Terezín and then executed in Mauthausen on October 24, 1942. Little Svatopluk was sent to the Jenerálka chateau in Prague where children of imprisoned resistance fighters were interned. Since he was a little child, he was placed in the present-day Thomayer Hospital in Prague-Krč shortly after. He remained there until the end of the war and his grandparents (his mother's parents) then started taking care of him. They lived in Horoušany where they owned a pub. They sold it in 1947 in order to have more time for their grandson; however, they lost most of their savings after the currency reform in 1953.

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