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Ing. Jiří Malypetr (1940) - Biography

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Family tradition obliges

Jiří Malypetr was born on May 14, 1940 in Prague. It is the grandson of significant first-republican politician of the last pre-Munich, and President of the National Assembly Jan Malypetr.
Parents of marriage in 1934 until 1954 lived with his family in Klobůkách at Salty, where his father JUDr. Jan Malypetr (1904 - 1987) in 1948 by trading on the family estate. Mother Miloslav Malypetrová (1914 - 2003) came from Smečno, the family architect and businessman Václav Müller and his wife Marie. Parents Jiří Malypetr had three children, Jan (b. 1934), Miluška (1937 - 1939), Jiří(b. 1940).
After 1948, the family managed the same fate as many other peasant families, the farm expropriation and forced evictions.
After completion of compulsory schooling in Klobukách, in 1954, Jiří received a recommendation to study in high school. The family in the same year moved to the apartment of his father's brother JUDr. Jiří Malypetr to Prague. Because he could not study, he entered the age of 14 to work, and at the Research Institute in Prague as an assistant technician. After one year the institute received a recommendation to study at the School of Mechanical Engineering in Karlín. In 1959 he finished school with honors. Admitted to the college again because of their origin has not, so he started a two-year compulsory military service. After returning from the war he worked in Meopta later in ZPA Prague. Each year, he asked for a recommendation to study in college, but the opportunity to study the Faculty of Engineering at CTU got up in 1964. After graduation, he moved in 1973 to the Institute of Scientific and Technical Information, where he worked until the early nineties.
In 1992 the family was restituted to its original agricultural property Slansko and Nymburk. He quit his job and began to fully focus on asset management and especially agriculture on a farm in Kostomlaty nad Labem.
From his first marriage he has a daughter that after a bad marriage educate himself. The second time he married the widowed mother of two daughters, MD. Klara Sixtová. Together they have seven grandchildren.
As a retiree still helps out on the farm in Kostomlaty.

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