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Rozália Danková (sestra Stella) (1920) - Biography

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Rozália Danková was born on April 26, 1920 in Svätý Kríž nad Hronom (today Žiar nad Hronom), where she also attended the elementary school. After finishing the secondary school in Banská Bystrica she decided to study at the Roman Catholic Women's Pedagogical Institute in Nitra. She almost died at the end of the Second World War during the bombing of Nitra. Subsequently, meanwhile the front´s crossing, she took care of injured Soviet soldiers. After the war she became a teacher, and later, after the change of the regime she worked as a nurse in Trenčín hospital. In 1955 she was deported to Smečno in Kladno district; three years later she was arrested and convicted of "subverting the republic". She served her sentence in correctional institute in Pardubice. During the Prague Spring she was invited to Paris. When she came back to her homeland in 1977, Rozália started working in old people's home in Přelouč, and later in Bílá Voda near Javorník. After the Velvet Revolution she returned back to Nitra.

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