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David Kabzan (1969) - Biography

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From the age of seventeen up until the velvet revolution, I had a tail on me

David Kabzan was born on 9 October 1969 in Krnov and grew up in Ostrava. His mother publicly disagreed with the communist regime. In 1984 he moved to Prague to attend a boarding school, studying exotic animal breeding. He got to know people from the dissent and himself became one of them. He used to attend lectures held at Václav Havel's place. The secret police would frequently interrogate him. In January 1989, secret agent Petr Beran beat him up during questioning, thus forcing him to give testimony which was about to be used against Václav Havel. However, David Kabzan filed a criminal complaint stating, that the signature of the testimony was forced upon him by the use of force. The case was only heard at court in 2014. The former secret agent Petr Beran and his colleague, record-keeper Kamil Líbal who was present during David's beating, received suspended sentences.

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