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Bálint Nagy (1949) - Biography

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Partying was a major and prevailing form in Adyliget

Bálint Nagy was born on 24 May 1949 in Szeged. Following his secondary school graduation he studied in Budapest at a vocational college of construction; in 1976 he earned a degree at the Construction Faculty of the Technical College. From 1972 onwards he worked for major architecture companies (IPARTERV,LAKÓTERV,VÁTI). He worked for Csaba Virág among others, who he regards as his master, subsequently, he worked together with István Schneller. In 1979 they refused to extend his contract due to his involvement with the opposition. For the next approximately ten years he worked as a roofer. His work as an architect can be characterized by social sensitivity, in several cases he invited social scientists to participate in designing his buildings. He has a versatile architectural style, his buildings are ecclectic containing modern architectural elements. In 1980 he was a founder of the Fund to Support the Poor (SZETA), between 1981-84 he is the founding editor of the samizdat Beszélő. Between 1983-84 he worked in Vence (France) having won a scholarship of the Mihály Károlyi Memorial Foundation. Between 1987-90 he is a scholarship holder of Atlantic Research and Publications in the USA. In 1991 he launched his own studio of architecture (N&n - NagyBálint and Associates). In 2001 he opened the N&n Gallery. Since 2009 he has been the manager of the Fuga Budapest Center of Architecture. He has got seven children.

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