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Vasile Dudeanu (1928) - Biography

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This was our purpose: to chase away the communist from our country...

He was born on April 12, 1928, in Bucharest.
Still in high school, left without a father and specializing in wood processing, Vasile Dudeanu started working in a workshop, making small parts for violins.
In 1948, along with several students of the Industrial High School in Bucharest, supporters of the National Peasant's Party and of the monarchy, Vasile Dudeanu became a member of an anti-communist organization called Column VI. Gradually, apart from high school students, more and more teachers of the school started joining the organization. Column VI had a statute, its members held meetings and managed to get weapons which they eventually did not use. Their main action consisted in the printing and distribution of anti-communist and anti-Soviet manifestos. The leaflets were created with the help of a stamp with letters made of rubber. The members of the organization saved money on transportation, walking to school, in order to buy paper. The leaflets were distributed in Bucharest and the surroundings.
The members of the group, as well as other people who had gotten in touch with them and had taken account of the existence of the group, were arrested in two waves (one in November 1949 and one in the spring of 1950). Following two trials, more than 30 persons received sentences of 1 to 7 years in prison.
Vasile Dudeanu was arrested on November 11, 1949, and, following a trial held in October 1950, was sentenced to 4 years of hard prison for „plot against the socialist order". After more than four years spent in prison, in Jilava, Valea Neagră, Poarta Albă and Gherla, Vasile Dudeanu was released on January 5, 1954.
After his release, Vasile Dudeanu first started working the local industry in Titu, near Bucharest, then got a job at a furniture factory in Bucharest and later on worked in the quality department.
Vasile Dudeanu is currently living in Bucharest and is an active member of the Association of Former Political Detainees in Romania.

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