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Justína Tuková (1922) - Biography

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Not talking about the case, not grumbling about others... That´s what made us stronger inside

Sister Justína Tuková was born on January 23, 1922 as Terézia Tuková in Nižná, in Orava region. After finishing the people´s school, followed by the secondary school in Tvrdošín, she entered the religious order of Sisters of the Holy Cross in Podunajské Biskupice. Later she transferred to Sisters of the Divine Redeemer in Spišská Nová Ves. She spent her novitiate in Raslavice convent, where she accepted the religious name Justína. During her ministry in Prešov hospital, on December 20, 1944 she witnessed Soviet bombing of the city. In 1950 she met here with a priest Štefan Sninčák, who emigrated from Czechoslovakia. Two years later he sent Sr. Justína a letter from the USA, with a plea for helping other priests. The whole situation reached its peak on February 4, 1954, when Justína was arrested by communist interrogators. The court in Prešov as well as the court of appeal in Pankrác found her guilty for treason and sentenced her to 10 years of imprisonment. Since 1955 she served her sentence in Pardubice. On May 13, 1960, based on the amnesty of President Novotný she was released and sent home to Nižná. After the regime admitted returning of nuns into their convents, she was placed to the castle in Slovenská Ľupča. In 1964 she left to the former Premonstratensian Abbey in Jasov, which served as a social care institute back then. Here she stayed for 17 years. Since 1982 she worked as a sacristan in Levoča and later in years 1994 - 2008 she served at the Department of Geriatrics in Košice hospital. Sister Justína Tuková lives in the Convent of Mother Alfonsa Maria in Vrícko since 2008.

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