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Vojtech Pastor (1939) - Biography

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If I had ever been born again, I wouldn´t have spent even one second in this country

Vojtech Pastor was born on July 3, 1939 in Košice. His father was employed as a worker and his mother was a housewife. When Vojtech was about seven years old, his mother along with his two years younger brother, left from her husband to Bohemian Litvínov. In 1950s, Vojtech being an adversary of the communist regime, only because of his pleading mother didn´t emigrate from the country. He got a certificate of apprenticeship in house painting and decoration and in 1959 he was drafted into the compulsory military service in Český Krumlov. In August 1968 at the Námestie osloboditeľov (Liberators´ Square) in Košice he was an active participant of the resistance against the oncoming Warsaw Pact troops. Based on the photographic evidence documenting his presence at the square in Košice, he was yet in the same year arrested and accused of public unrests. He was tried in 1969, at first he got seventeen months and after their lapse he was sentenced to further twenty-four month long imprisonment in Leopoldov. After serving these sentences he was moved to the remand centre in Košice, where he had to face a charge of murder attempt of Valentína Belasová. She was a wife of a communist officer and Vojtech was supposed make an attempt on her life yet during the August events in 1968. Even though this accusation proved to be false and fabricated at the court, Vojtech was convicted of terror in the beginning of 1970s. He spent further seven years in Ilava prison. He was released in 1981. At first he got employed at the Tatra Cinema, where he also met with his wife, and later he worked as a painter at the housing association. In 1989 he lived to see the long desired fall of the communist regime, however, development of the post-revolution events didn´t meet all of his expectations. He has lived in Košice with his wife.

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