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Ing. Hana Holcnerová (1960) - Biography

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A mother on maternity leave fighting for freedom and democracy

Hana Holcnerová, née Ryšková, was born on 18th November, 1960 in Brno as the only child of the parents Arnošt and Zdenka Ryškovi. Shortly after graduating at the construction faculty VUT in Brno she married Petr Holcner in April 1984. The same year the husbands had a daughter Veronika and two and half years later another daughter named Eva. During maternity leave Hana Holcnerová was reading the samizdat literature and listening to radio broadcast of the Voice of America and the Free Europe. While listening to an interview of Pavel Tigrid and Václav Havel she decided to join the dissent and then became one of its most significant and followed characters of the dissent in Brno in the later 1980s. She signed the Chart 77, co-founded the Brno forum, printed and distributed samizdat, participated in demonstrations and as a reporter of the Eastern-European information agency (VIA) she was informing the foreigh press on violation of human rights in Czechoslovakia. Therefore she was persecuted by the state police, also had her telephone tapped and was arrested several times and then kept in custody for interrogation. In Brno she also actively participated in events related to demonstrations shortly after the 17th November, 1989 and co-founded the Civic Forum in the city. Following the revolution Hana Holcnerová had another son Jonáš. Then she worked for the Civic movement and in 1995-1996 as a press speaker of the successor party SD-LSNS and later the movement DUHA ("RAINBOW") in the office of the public ombudsman and a reporter of the home newsroom of the internet daily called Referendum. In 2017 she lived with her second husband, Václav Pokorný in Jeseník.

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