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Jan Simandl (1930) - Biography

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Loosing freedom? What more is there to lose?

Jan Simandl was born on 19 November 1930 in Brno. His father had a farm in Jiratice near Jemnice. The witness learnt well, but as he was the oldest son so he was expected to take over the farming. Therefore between 1947 and 1949 he attended the winter agricultural school. After the communistic coop the farmers were forced to fulfil forced to pay charges, which did not correspond to their true potential, and were persuaded to join the cooperatives. The family lost its property and hunting arms. In 1949 Jan Simandl was taken to serve in the army and began with the Auxiliary Technical Battalions, where he worked in construction. Among other things he was there with many priests; in a show trial he was sentenced to two years in prison to serve with one of them. After release he got married and moved to Ostojkovice with his wife, where he lives until today.

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