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Matej Valocký (1925) - Biography

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So that you lived better life than we did

Matej Valocký was born on February 18, 1925 in Belá as the eldest of ten siblings and one of the twins. His mother served at the farmers' homesteads and father worked as a village tailor. Since 1941 he was apprenticed in a car repair shop in Martin, where partisans got their cars repaired. On August 28, 1944 after declaring the general mobilization, he along with another journeymen and the shop´s owner joined the army, siding with the Slovak National Uprising. After long months of marching through the mountains and fighting the German troops, Matej Valocký was captured by Germans during reconnaissance on November 15. As a prisoner of war he was transported to Germany and imprisoned at the labor camp Altengrabow, Stalag 11 A, and later also in Weidenberg. After being liberated by American troops and coming back to Slovakia he returned to work at the car repair shop, although the work became very difficult for him. He got employed at the Secondary Vocational School, and in a forge of machine engineering factory (ZŤS). There he worked until his retirement in 1985. With his wife they brought up one son and two daughters in Košťany nad Turcom.

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