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Věrka Drozdová, roz. Heimová (1935) - Biography

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Iran, the country of my childhood

Věrka Drozdová, née Heimová, was born April 28, 1935 in Hradec Králové. Her father, Richard Heim, was a builder for the consortium SIS (Société Iranienne Skoda), a joint venture of the engineering factory Škoda Pilsen and the construction company Konstruktiva Prague. Both companies were working on a number of construction projects in Iran, and in 1936 Heim was sent to work there. His wife, daughter and son followed him in autumn 1939. After the declaration of the Protectorate, Věrka's father refused to hand in his Czechoslovak passport to the German embassy in Tehran. In 1941 he was fired from SIS as a result. He then found employment at the Iranian Construction Ministry and in spring 1942 he began working as the construction site manager of a road being built from Tabriz to Miyaneh. The family then moved from Tehran to Tabriz. In December 1942. Věrka's brother died of diphtheria and in May 1943 her father succumbed to typhoid. Věrka and her mother returned to Tehran in September 1943. Her mother found a job as a teacher in a recently established Czechoslovak school. Repatriation of Czechoslovaks, (who were not bound by their work contracts), began when the war ended. On December 3, 1945, the first repatriation transport of about three hundred Czechoslovaks left Iran. After a month-long journey Věrka and her mother arrived in Prague. Věrka continued her elementary studies as a second grader. Subsequently, she was not admitted to the secondary school of civil engineering, and in September 1949 she enrolled in a girls' vocational school for construction workers in Opava. After two years she received her trade certificate and she continued studying at the secondary school of civil engineering in Ostrava. She graduated with honours in 1955. In March 1956 she began working in Hydroprojekt, Prague as a draughtswoman. She worked there until retirement. In 2007 she wrote a book about her stay in Iran titled ‘Iran, a Journey To My Primeval Ages.' (Írán aneb cesta do mého pravěku in Czech). Věrka Drozdová married for the second time and she lives in Stříbrná Skalice.

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