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Ing. Zdeněk Šolar (1924) - Biography

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I did many things in this world, and whatever I did, I did merrily...

Zdeněk Šolar was born to the family of Josef Šollar, a former legionnaire in Russia, in Louny on 2 August 1924. In May 1927, the Managing Board of Prague's Legiobanka commissioned the witness' father Mr Zdeněk Sr. to oversee the repayment of the increasing debt of the Kavalier glassworks, so the family relocated to the little town of Sázava in Central Bohemia. The witness spent his pre-school years in the glassmaking environment, visiting his father at work. At five years of age (1929) he became a member of Sokol and took liking to rhythmic exercises. He enrolled in the primary school in Sázava in 1930 and then progressed to the First High School in Sázava. Having passed an additional exam, he went on to study a high school in Prague-Holešovice's Strossmayerovo Square. He graduated during WWI, in the difficult Heydrichiad period of 1942. He went on to work at glassworks in Sázava as a locksmith apprentice, although he had originally intended to study at a university. Tertiary schools were closed during the Nazi occupation. In 1942 he was deployed on forced labour in the Reich; he left for Germany on 8 October and was chosen for a firefighter training in Remscheid. Once his training was completed he relocated with his fire brigade to Duisburg's Meiderich quarter. He and his mates helped to put out fires caused by the air raids on Remscheid, Duisburg, Essen, Bonn and Wuppertal. He experienced some twenty-five air raids in total. In the autumn of 1944 he was relocated to Prague and witnessed the bombing of the Vysočany quarter at the end of the war. He enrolled for utility engineering studies in 1945, focusing on water management and culture, and he was employed at Vodní stavby after graduation, working at the Křižanovice-Práčov dam on the Chrudimka River. He married Vlasta Faltejsková in 1952, then worked at the Lipno II dam, and joined the Sázava glassworks again in 1959, this time at VHJ Technické sklo. He led the company's design centre, retired in 1984 and then taught at a vocational school in Sázava. Later on he provided supervision to investment projects undertaken by the local municipal authority. He was awarded the Sázava Municipal Award for his activities in 2009.

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When: 21/09/2015 23:38:01
Author: Jan Holik, Amateur researcher
Title: Moje hodnocení pamětníka
Pan Ing. Zdeněk Šolar velice zajímavá osobnost, kultivovaný a na svůj věk velice bystrý pamětník a vypravěč. Jeho kladnou vlastností je smysl pro humor, což se několikrát projevilo v rámci natáčení. Byla radost s ním spolupracovat.
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