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Jan Stoiber (1937) - Biography

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Grandad and granny were already standing at the yard, when they came for them

Jan Stoiber was born on 17 June, 1937 in Přední Výtoň in a German family; the whole village was German. He attended a German school. His father worked in a paper factory in Loučovice. Due to his high professional qualification the family managed to escape moving out as one out of few. Others from the village, except for seven people, had to move out; witness´ grandparents could be saved only thanks to his father´s great efforts. From 1945 until 1953 the Germans lived in Bohemia without any citizenship. The workers building Lipenská dam moved into the displaced area. During 1952-1954 Jan Stoiber took a course of a cellulose specialist and then worked in a paper factory in Loučovice. In 1965 he finished a two-year distance study at the agricultural training institution in Kaplice and began working in state farm in Frymburk, where he worked until 1969. In 1960 he was elected a member of a parliament. Since 1961 he was the general secretary of the national committee and during 1964 - 1990 he was its chairman. Then he administered a pension Sigma for two years. In 1994 he was elected a deputy major and since 1998 a major of Přední Výtoň, where he lives today.

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