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Božena Klusáková (1925) - Biography

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I got married in June, and in July the Gestapo took Mum and Dad

Božena Klusáková, née Tvrdíková, was born on 6 July 1925 in Čáslav. She came from a poor working-class family. In 1939 she completed a girls' primary school and began working at a dairy. Her older sister Jarmila was assigned to forced labour in Germany in the years 1941-1945 - she looked after the children of Reich officer. In June 1943 the witness married Jaroslav Klusák. In July the Gestapo arrested her parents for listening to foreign broadcasts, they were ratted out by a collaborating neighbour. After being locked up in Kutná Hora for two months, the secret police let them go. After the war the witness and her husband moved into the border regions. Jaroslav Klusák worked as a dairyman, as the manager of a dairy in Rynoltice, later in Krásný Dvůr, and finally in Karlovy Vary. His family moved with him each time. They settled down in Karlovy Vary, where the witness lives to this day.

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