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Květoslava Volková (1944) - Biography

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My whole life came crashing down when I was twelve

Květoslava Volková (née Vurmová) was born on 12 September 1944. When she was twelve, she found out she had been adopted as a baby. At the same time she discovered that her actual parents and siblings had been killed during the so-called massacre in Úsobí Street in Prague in May 1945, when members of the SS murdered a large number of civilians. She graduated from history, at first specialising in archival work, later in Czech history. After leaving university she was employed at a research institute and later lectured at university for some time. At the time of the Warsaw Pact occupation in 1968 she was in France, and she experienced the protests in Paris. She married Jindřich Volk, a biographer with an interest in the Kennedys. After 1989 she worked in a government committee for the analysis of the years 1967-1970, she now heads the Department of the Edification Section of the Czech Sokol Community.

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