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Mgr. Eva Sirotková-Franklin (1934) - Biography

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I didn’t feel sad at all for leaving America

Eva Sirotková-Franklin was born February 15, 1934 in central Ural in the village Gubakha to Czech parents Karel and Štěpánka Sirotek. Her father worked in Ural as a site manager during a construction of a large factory. The Sirotek family returned from Russia immediately before the outbreak of the Second World War and they settled in Prague. Influenced by his positive impressions from his stay in Ural, Eva's father supported communist ideas and he joined the Communist Party. By becoming a Party member he followed the example of his brother Emil Sirotek, who had been executed by the Nazis in 1944 for his activity in the resistance movement. Karel Sirotek was not involved in the resistance and the family has survived the war unharmed. After the war the Sirotek family moved to Karlovy Vary, where Eva's father got a job as a site manager in the uranium mines in Jáchymov. In 1950 he was unjustly accused of sabotage by the communists and he had to spend three years in prison. Even in spite of this injustice, Karel Sirotek remained loyal to the Party and he only left it in 1968. Although her father was a political prisoner, Eva Sirotková was allowed to complete her studies at grammar school in 1952 and thanks to Radovan Lukavský, who refused to take into account her unfavorable personal-political assessment, she successfully passed the talent entrance examination for the DAMU (The Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague) and she was accepted. For four years she was an actress in the Regional Theatre in Karlovy Vary, for one year in the State Theatre in Brno and in 1961-1967 she performed in the ensemble of the National Theatre in Prague. In 1967 she and her husband Ivan Francuch, a psychiatrist, emigrated to West Germany, where she then cooperated with the radio station Deutsche Welle. From Germany they went to the United States. Eva's twelve-year-old son Tomáš was allowed to follow his mother to the USA in 1969. Eva completed studies of psychotherapy in the USA and she devoted herself to this profession until 1991, when she returned to the Czech Republic with her third partner, actor and mime Antonín Hodek.

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