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Margita Horáková (1923) - Biography

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May the fate of one man strike the other one as well

Margita Horáková, née Lustigová, was born on April 22, 1923 in Šamorín. Since her childhood she had a nickname Médy. Her mother came from Martin; her father owned an estate in Veľké Leváre, from where the family later moved to Tomášov. Since there wasn´t a middle school back then, Médy along with her older sister Truda attended school at their grandparents´ in Martin. After her grandmother´s death Médy went to German business school in Bratislava, until the Slovak State was established. From then on Jews were prohibited to attend schools. After the Vienna Award, village of Tomášov was annexed to Hungary. In 1944 the whole family was transported to ghetto in Rastice, from there through Košice to the camp in Birkenau, and later to Płaszow. Both Médy and her sister lived to see the end of war in a concentration camp Dachau. Her sister Truda returned from the camps infected with TBC, she received treatment in the High Tatras Mountains for three years, however, stayed disabled until the rest of her life. In 1947 Margita got married to a lawyer Andrej Horák, originally named Herczfeld, who was 12 years older than her. After a 21-year harmonic marriage, in 1968 Andrej died on cancer. During her whole life Margita worked as an accountant, at first at the Regional Slovak Bar Association, later in sports education sphere, and at last at the Central Union of Jewish Religious Communities.

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