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Alexander Bachnár (1919) - Biography

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Tougher conditions a man goes through, more he is able to give out

Alexander Bachnár was born on July 29, 1919 in Topoľčany in the family of a craftsman with many children. As the only one of his siblings Alexander studied at the grammar school, at first in Nitra, later in Prievidza. He graduated in 1938. Since his high school he was active in a left-wing oriented illegal movement focused either on Zionism or communism. Before the 2nd World War he studied at the Pedagogical Academy in Bratislava, however, after the Slovak State was formed, he was unable to take exams and receive his diploma. In February 1940 he was drafted into the army and ended up in the 6th Labour Battalion. He got from the Eastern Slovakia to Svätý Jur to work on building the Šúrsky Channel, where he met with the group of Alexander Markuš for the first time. In June 1942 he was escorted to the camp in Nováky. Here he firstly worked in a stone pit, and later was employed as a school´s director. Nevertheless, he further proceeded with his illegal activity. In August 1944 after the speech of Minister Čatloš they took over the camp and left to a partisan unit staying in the nearby mountain Vtáčnik. As a commander of this partisan unit he took part in several important battles - near Baťovany, Turčiansky Sv. Martin, Nová Baňa and Krížna. He finished near the village Skýcov in a Major Zorič´s division and he was demobilized near Badín. Only his father and one sister survived the war. After the liberation he moved from Topoľčany to Bratislava. He worked in various editorial offices. He inclined to the Dubček-reformist wing of the communist party and in 1969, considered to be an antisocialist element, he was expelled from the party.

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