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Miluška Havlůjová (1929) - Biography

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"If you will become our agent, we will let you go. Here are your clothes."

Miluška Havlůjová was born on May 13th, 1929, in Dušníky, near Prague. Her parents, Jaroslav and Emilie Pompl, actively participated in the anti-nazi resistant movement during World War II during the Rožmitál area. After the communist putsch in February 1948, the Pompl's family sawmill in Voltuše was confiscated and her father was imprisoned for one year. Miluška Havlůjová tried to clear his name, but in May 1953 she was arrested as well. She was sentenced for 5 years for attempting incitement against the State and spying, in spite of leaving behind an 18-month-old son (her father was sentenced for 10 years simultaneously). After two years, Havlůjová was released because of the so-called action ‘M', when the president of Czechoslovakia, Antonín Zápotocký, granted a pardon to a woman with small children. Immediately after she returned home, Havlůjová broke her leg. ecause of an inflammation of her bone marrow, the result of an infection while in prison. She had seven months of long and complicated treatments and then started to work as an accountant. After the velvet revolution in 1989, she engaged in politics and become a member of the OF. In the years 1992-1998, she served as a mayor of Rudná. The relationship with her son has never healed completely.

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