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Professor MUDr., DrSc. Vladimír Beneš (1921) - Biography

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I think that I don’t have to be ashamed that I have lived a wonderful life in the crazy 20th century

Vladimír Beneš was born January 27, 1921 in Pilsen; his brother Zbyslav was born a year later. They lived with his parents in the Pilsen neighbourhood Lobzy-Letná, and in 1926 they moved to Vrútky in Slovakia for two years. Vladimír attended the elementary school in Lobzy and in 1932-1940 he studied at Masaryk's Czechoslovak State Grammar School in Klatovská Avenue in Pilsen. When the Sokol sports organization became disbanded, he and his brother joined the sports club VPK Radbuza where Vladimír played the first volleyball league. During the war at first he worked for two years as an assistant editor in the largest Pilsen daily Nová Doba (‘New Era'), and then for two years as an orderly in the hospital in Pilsen, where he gradually went through all departments and where he often treated people who were wounded in air raids. During the liberation of Pilsen he and his friend Josef Kunt went to welcome the American convoy and Vladimír brought them to the town hall and he served as their interpreter for two days. In 1945-1949 he studied medicine, at first in Prague and then in Pilsen. On September 1, 1949 he started working in the Central Military Hospital in Prague-Střešovice, and he remained working there until 1978. In 1969 he left the Communist Party, and he thus became barred from career and academic advancement as a result. In 1971 he organized the European Congress of Neurosurgery in Prague, during which the European Association of Neurological Sciences (EANS) was established. In 1978-1992 he worked as a head physician in the hospital in Prague-Motol, where he established the paediatric neurosurgery ward. In 1992 he organised a worldwide congress of children's neurosurgery in Prague, and this event became the pinnacle of his career. With his wife Zdeňka, whom he married in 1948, they have son Vladimír (*1953), who is likewise a brain surgeon respected all over the world.

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