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Ing. Zděnka Uhlířová, roz. Faltusová (1934) - Biography

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Today I think I´ve lost a year of my youth, and we built no frontier

Ing. Zděnka Uhlířová, born Faltusová, was born on March 17, 1934 in Josefov nad Metují, nowadays a part of the town of Jaroměř. She has a twin called Eva. Both girls suffered from congenital heavy short-sightedness, which was gradually getting worse. As they feared losing their sight completely, they both remained childless. She was a little girl attending primary school during the war. After February 1948 she became the member of the Czech Youth Association (SČM). Due to her „religious burden" she did not get any recommendation to study university, so she worked in the chemical factory in Pardubice-Rybitví and left for a yearly brigade-work building the frontier. She wanted to prove her working-class origin. Finally she was accepted to the High school of Agriculture in Prague. Due her belief she refused to join the communist party during studies and wrote an open letter on the theme. After graduation she worked as an agronomist in JZD Rožnov-Neznášov and at the state farm in Česká Skalice. Later she became a specialist in breeding furry animals and worked as an editor-in-chief of a specialized magazine in the respective field. She left the job, because she didn´t agree with the fact a party member had to sign her articles. After leaving for an disabled retirement she worked with sight-disabled for a number of years in the Association of the Disabled. After many eye operations she can now see much better. She lives with her husband and sister in Jaroměř.

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