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Lydia Piovarcsyová (1933) - Biography

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Childhood in antiquarian bookshop

Lýdia Piovarcsyová, nee Steinerová, was born in Bratislava townsman's Jewish family. The Steiners in Bratislava owned a notable antiquarian bookshop since its opening in 1847. After establishment of the Slovak State and passing the Anti-Jewish legislation, their property was aryanized, both parents, similarly like the majority of their family, died in concentration camps. Lýdia as a little child stayed at her grandparents᾽ who took care of her in Kežmarok until 1944, under somebody else's birth certificate. However, in 1944 she was unable to return there from holidays spent in Bratislava because of the Slovak National Uprising. She hid in Bratislava until someone reported her. Before the end of the war she was deported to Terezín, but fortunately she survived the end of the war. Afterwards she returned to Kežmarok, later studied in Prague. Yet during the studies she got married and together with her husband she came back to eastern Slovakia. She worked at the regional school inspection until her retirement. Since 1970s she lives in Bratislava and is a member of the Jewish community.

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