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Jiří Palatý (1928) - Biography

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The Gestapo arrested my father when he started arguing with them about Masaryk

Jiří Palatý was born August 11, 1928 in Prague-Braník. His father was a supporter of the Social Democratic Party, and for this reason, the family provided accommodation in their home for the well-known social democratic politician doc. Josef Fischer during the Protectorate era. He stayed with them for several months in 1941 under a cover name Hybšman. Unfortunately, since he was one of the members of the Committee of the Petition ‘We Remain Faithful‘ (Věrni Zůstaneme), the Gestapo took an interest in him soon after and he was arrested. Jiří helped to warn other members of the resistance movement. His mother and father were arrested in another wave of arrests in 1943. Jiří's mother returned to the family after the war, but his father has not survived the hardships of the concentration camp. Jiří studied chemistry after the war and he taught at the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague.

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Author: Jana Červenková, Other specialisation: collector
Title: Ve druhé části života se pamětník - hrdina chová opatrně.
Je to zjevně po rodinných zkušenostech. Druhá polovina příběhu má i z těchto důvodů trochu jinou podobu.
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