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Margita Červenková (1926) - Biography

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We thought we wouldn't get away with it

Margita Červenková was born in September 1926 in the village of Černík. She grew up in a large peasant family, so farming could only meet the basic needs of the household. In 1938, when she was only a little girl, she witnesses the arrival of Hungarian troops in her native village. As Hungarian became the new official language, schools introduced its compulsory teaching. However, Margita doesn't remember the use of the Hungarian language in religious life, because holy masses were still celebrated in the Slovak language. After Hungary had annexed a part of Slovakia, the economic situation in the ceded areas of Slovakia got worse and it also affected Margita's family. Difficult living conditions forced Margita's parents as well as many other people from the annexed areas to improve their situation by smuggling various necessary things from Slovakia. Despite all the difficulties, the biggest blow came at the beginning of 1944, when her father refused to enlist in the Hungarian army. His shelter in a nearby vineyard was soon discovered by the Hungarian soldiers and in subsequent gunfire he was severely injured and left lying on the snow bleeding for several hours. Later, he was driven to the village by the local farmers and then to the field hospital in Šurany. Margita visited him there and found him in a bad condition, lying on the floor. When she came to see him on the fourth day, she found him dead in an empty hospital; moreover, he was robbed of everything he had, including his clothes. All these blows left scars on Margita and influenced her attitude to Hungarian nation in general. Even many years later, she still saw it as unfairness.

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