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Ludmila Hallerová (1928) - Biography

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Ludmila Hallerová was born on September 1, 1928 in Vsetín in the family of state official František Jeník. She graduated in 1947 and in February of the following year she went to Beatenberg in Switzerland to study a two-year missionary school. She planned to study medicine in France after that and then to go for a Christian mission to Africa. However, the Czechoslovak authorities did not grant her permission to extend her stay abroad and she had to return to Czechoslovakia. She completed a one-year nursing course and she was placed as a nurse in Nový Jičín. She then worked in several other places in the country and while doing her job, she was also spreading the gospel and preaching. She established contacts with Slovak confessional churches and she was traveling to several places in western Slovakia, which did not go unnoticed by the Secret Police. She was interrogated in 1959 and then tried in 1960, receiving suspended sentence for disrupting the state control over churches. She continued working in healthcare and in 1961 she married Oldřich Haller, who was an electrical engineer. The lived in Prague and they had two children. During the time of the political thaw, she continued in her evangelization ministry and she was writing and translating foreign books on spirituality. During her frequent trips abroad she maintained contacts with schoolmates from her studies in Switzerland and she was smuggling books and magazines over the border. In 1989 she established the Missionary Department of the Kostnická Jednota (Konstanz Unity Association) to support missionaries in Cameroon, Gambia and India. In the early 1990s she began organizing evangelical tours to Israel. She is the author of an autobiographic book titled Pod oblakem (Under the Cloud).

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