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Zdena Zábrodská, roz. Krejčová (1936) - Biography

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We have survived Hitler, and communists forced us out of our home

Zdena Zábrodská, née Krejčová, was born April 8, 1936 in Spálené Poříčí near Pilsen in a family of a tailor. Her father was making custom-made clothes and selling haberdasher's goods. Her mother Božena was a housewife. Zdena experienced many instances of injustice which were brought about by the communist regime. After her father had lost his trade as well as his savings as a result of the currency reform in 1953, Zdena was expelled from school while she was in the last year of her studies for having participated in a protest against the currency reform in Pilsen. She married a son of a miller, whose family had lost their mill in a similar way. They had to live with their little children in unsuitable conditions depending on where they managed to get jobs without being able to decide for themselves.

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