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Ladislava Guričová (1938) - Biography

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"My mom used to say, 'the devil took it all away.'"

Ladislava Guričová was born on the 26th of December, 1938 into the family of a farmer and mayor of Střelná Josef Ptáček. After the war, the family lost part of their estate to Vsetín's arms factory. Further property was confiscated from them by the Communists following the events of February 1948. The Ptáček family lost the rest of their property in 1950 when Ladislava's father was sentenced time in prison for his support of an anti-communist group, Světlana. Since 1953, Ladislava worked in a menial job because she was not allowed to study any further. Her father returned from prison in 1958 and died of the consequences a year later. In 1960, Ladislava got married and soon after gave birth to a child. She applied for a night high-school but was prevented from studying. After the fall of communism, she served as a member of the local assembly in Valašské Klobouky. Now, she occasionally attends schools and discusses life in totalitarian Czechoslovakia with students.

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