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Svatopluk Žamboch (1937) - Biography

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My dream was Brno

Svatopluk Žamboch was born near Vsetín in 1937. He lived with his parents in the little village of Růždce. He was born with hearing, but when he was two and a half he turned deaf from meningitis. He attended a primary school for the deaf (at the time called deaf-mutes) in Valašské Meziříčí. A decree of the ministry of interior later forced him to switch to Ivančice. At that time he began taking an interest in sports. After completing primary school he moved to Brno and learnt upholstery (which was then a one-year vocation programme). At seventeen he began working at Dřevopodnik (Woodworks Company) in Brno. After some two years he changed his job and took up employment at an electrotechnical factory. After another two years he decided to take up new studies, and he became a mechanic. At the time his father bequeathed him a house in the Novojičín District, so he accepted his father's offer and moved there with his wife. However, he missed Brno, and so some two years later they returned. As he took up a job as a mechanic-repairman at Mosilana. He began participating in high-level sports - football, hockey, table tennis. He represented the country in football in the years 1956-1959. However, he gradually left high-level competitive sports and devoted himself to work in the board of FC Moravská Slavia. He managed the SVAZARM sports grounds in Řečkovice. He later accepted a position as mechanic at a company in Obřany, where he stayed until 1989, when the firm was dissolved. He found himself new employment in Nová (New) Mosilana in Černovice. Together with friends and other deaf people he founded AVZO - Deaf Club, which was a successor to the Řečkovice SVAZARM. He decided to establish one more organisation in 1991, named Czech Union of Deaf People in Brno (CUD), because of disagreements and litigations concerning the Vodova sports grounds. CUD moved its offices several times - five times in fact. Finally in 2014 Svatopluk Žamboch and his companions from CUD established a deaf café called Kavárna u Žambocha (Café Žamboch). He currently lives in Brno.

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