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Ing., Colonel Václav Petras (1927) - Biography

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Time takes everything away

Col. engineer Václav Petras is a Volhynian Czech; he was born on 3 July 1927 in Kvasilov. He attended a Czech school in Kvasilov and later in Zdolbunov and was learning in the local brewery. In 1944 he lost his father during a German raid; then he volunteered together with his sister Helena and cousin Sergej as a member of Svoboda army. He was assigned to the signallers and in charge of repairs of broken connections. With frontal troops he got to Ostrava and later to Prague. After war he studied a middle brewery school in Prague and then a High school of chemical technology. He worked in brewery area all his life; in breweries in Kadan, Opava, Ostrava and Loučka u Nového Jičína. In 1970 he was named a director of a newly built brewery Radegast in Nošovice. Since 1979 he was a business director of Severomoravské brewery in Přerov. Even after retiring he assisted as a specialist advisor to breweries in our country and abroad. For his lifetime achievement in 2013 he was put into the hall of fame of the Czech brewery and malting. He got many awards for example an Order of the Great Patriotic War, Dukelská medal and a medal for bravery against enemy. He actively participates in activities of the Czechoslovak Legionaries and the Czech Union of Freedom Fighters.

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When: 05/03/2015 13:22:05
Author: Tomáš Foldyna, Historian
Title: souhlas za podmínky...
podmínkou zveřejnění je použití krátkého životopisu v nezměněné podobě
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