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Karel Dufek (1916) - Biography

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I have no regrets, all of that was a part of my life

Karel Dufek was born on January 24, 1916, in a family of a forester, near Velké Meziřící. He was one of seven children. In 1935 he left for Brno to study medicine. Being influenced by the news of the war in Spain, he decided to join the international volunteer brigades, fighting in the Spanish Civil War on the side of the Republicans. He got in contact with the Committee for Democratic Spain and with its assistance he left for Spain in January 1937. After the withdrawal of the International Brigades he was shortly interned in France, then he joined the Czechoslovak Foreign Army. After the fall of France he left for England, where he was declared unfit for service and worked in a factory producing aircraft parts. After the allied forces landed on the Normandy coast he became a liaison officer with the American General Staff. From 1948 to 1951 he was Ambassador to Turkey. In January 1952 he was arrested, accused of Trotskyism, spying for the USA and other crimes. In May 1953 he was sentenced to 25 years of prison, together with Eduard Goldstücker, Pavel Kavan and Richard Slánský. He served 4 years in the Ruzyně and Valdice prisons. After his rehabilitation he was employed by the Union of Antifascist Fighters. In 1957, he began publishing an International Policy magazine, and later headed the public relations department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Between 1968 and 1972, he was the Ambassador of Czechoslovakia to Brazil.

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When: 29/06/2016 15:27:14
Author: Josef Antoni, Amateur researcher
Title: Zajímavé.
Veliký antiněmec, marxsista, komunista. I když říká že ne tak z jeho vyprávění je slyšet opak.
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