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Jiřina Urbanová (1938 - 2014) - Biography

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As a child, I endured being beaten, but I didn’t know why or what for


Mrs. Jiřina Urbanová was born in August 1938 in Prague. Her mother Emilie Faitová, who married as Kolářová, was of Jewish origin while Jiřina's fahter Josef Saibert was a Christian. Her parents joined the anti-fascist resistance in 1939. Her mother cooperated with the Defence of the Nation. Both of them were arrested by the Gestapo in 1943. The mother managed to hide the children and save them from being arrested. Jiřina's brother was hiding on a countryside farm, and Jiřina spent the war years in children's homes and sanatoriums. Her father was executed in the Flossenbürg concentration camp, and her mother was interned in the Small Fortress in Terezín, in Auschwitz, in the women's camp in Ravensbrück and in Neustadt-Gleve, where she witnessed the camp's liberation by the Red Army. Jiřina's mother worked at the Ministry of National Defence and later at the Ministry of the Interior after the war. She was arrested for her views in autumn 1948, tortured during the interrogations and eventually sentenced to eleven months of imprisonment. Jiřina, who was ten years old at that time, and her brother were meanwhile placed in various children's homes all over Czechoslovakia. The family lost their apartment, but after the mother's return from prison they were able to live together. Jiřina was not allowed to study and she thus trained as a lathe operator and then worked in this profession until her retirement. Mrs. Jiřina Urbanová  passed avay on April 2014 in Kadaň.

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