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Jana Vojáčková (1931) - Biography

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Fight and love will be your weapon

Jana Vojáčková, née Uhlíková, was born in 1931 in Plzeň in a working class family. She attended a cloister school and spent her childhood in the neighborhood of a rectory. In 1945, she joined the 12th Catholic Scout troop. Later on, she passed to the 27th troop, where in 1947 she passed her oath of scouting allegiance. After the banning of the Scout, she hid some things from the club house at her place. In 1950 she went to Prague where she was employed as an accountant. Later on, she returned to Plzeň keeping her job. In 1968, she was involved in the restart of the Scout in Plzeň, personally founding the 6th troop, which later became the 55th troop “Bílá Střelka”. In the course of the subsequent two years, she invested a lot of her effort into Scouting. After the renewed ban in 1970, which saw the Scout dissolved, most of the children passed to the skiing club, which carried on in the tradition of raising the young in the Scout spirit. Jana also got involved in the renewal of Scouting after 1989 and still continues to be an active Scout today.

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