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Lýdia Kovářová, roz. Kordíková (1928 - 2017) - Biography

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ne is capable of great things in moments of horror.

Lýdia Kovářová, née Kordíková, was born on the 9th of January 1928 in the village of Jasenie, in the Southern part of the Low Tatra mountains, near the town of Brezno. She grew up at a family farmhouse kept by her parents. Her father Elígius Kordík also worked as a blacksmith. Following the Slovak National Uprising of 1944 and its suppression, the family supported partisans who were hiding in the mountains, supplying them with food and clothes. For two months, the Kordíks were also hiding three medics of the second airborne brigade in their barn house shelter. Later, two of these soldiers left to join the partisans in the mountains. Her mother Angela Kordíková managed to obtain the ID for the third one - Pavel Svoreň - which he had at his parents' in Zvolen, thus allowing him to legally reside in the village. Lýdia's father saved the lives of several people. The Kordík's were later honoured for their resistance activities. In 1947, Lýdia concluded her studies of the Slovak academy of pedagogy in Turčianske Teplice. In the 1960's, she graduated from the Faculty of Pedagogy in Pilsen, specializing in biology and physical education. She worked as a teacher in Modrý Kamen - Riečky and in Pilsen. She retired in 1984 but as late as the 1990's she would serve as a temporary replacement at some of Pilsen's schools. Lýdia died in 2017.

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When: 11/05/2017 09:46:55
Author: Petr Tolar, Historian
Title: Doplnění údajů.
Dobrý den, rád bych doplnil, že sestra Lýdie Kovářová byla od roku 2009 členkou plzeňské jednoty Československé obce legionářské (ČsOL). Bohužel ve čtvrtek 4. května 2017 nás navždy opustila. V pondělí 15. května 2017 se s ní v Plzni naposledy rozloučíme.
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