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recruit Vladimír Príslupský (1948) - Biography

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When I landed, I walked five meters and my engine cut out – I ran out of gas. Only once in a lifetime can a man have such luck

Vladimír Príslupský was born on January 22, 1948 in Klokočov (Michalovce district) in eastern Slovakia. In 1968 during the so-called Dubček's era he willingly joined the Communist Party. After his high school studies and participating in the compulsory military service he worked in different lower positions within sector of board and services. Gradually he managed to become a head of various boarding and lodging facilities. During one party with his friends he had a fight with some State Security members; however, he wasn't convicted for this fight. As a consequence of this, the ŠtB members started to search for a way to complicate his life further in retaliation. One year later he had to face a fabricated accusation of larceny of the socialist property and he served nine months on remand. After the release and further problems with the State Security he decided to run away from the Republic. He chose an air glider (rogalo) for his escape - a small hang-glider with a Trabant car engine, even though he couldn't pilot any plane. He bought the glider from his friend only few weeks before the runaway. The runaway took place on May 18, 1987 over the state border southward from the town of Domažlice. Despite of minimal experiences with flying, approximately at eight o'clock in the evening he took off near the village Mrakov and nearby the border crossing Folmava he flew over the state border with the Federal Republic of Germany. After about a 50-kilometer flight he managed to land on a meadow by the village Unterlintach, not far from a town of Roding, Cham district. Here the local citizens helped him to get to police, where he applied for asylum. After several weeks of stay in an asylum house he began to work as a waiter in a restaurant. Thanks to media coverage of his story and to selling of his hang-glider he earned some money. This way he was able to open his own restaurant yet after one year of living in Germany. However, since he longed for coming back to his homeland, in 1992 he returned to Czecho-Slovakia. At present he leads his own guest house called Rogalo.

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