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Eduard Landisch (1927 - 2016) - Biography

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My whole life I was fortunate to meet excellent people

Eduard Landisch was born on 9 February 1927 into the family of professional photographers in Prague-Karlín. Already as a child he showed broad artistic talent. He was assigned to forced labour in 1944, before completing the Upper School of Graphics. At first he did labour in a factory for weaving baskets and bags, then in ČKD (Czech-Moravian-Kolben-Daněk), and finally he was put to digging trenches near Hlučín for five weeks. After his return he began studying at the Film Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts, from which he took up the post of cameraman at Czechoslovak Television. It was a time when television cinematography was in its very beginnings, and Eduard Landisch thus became one of the founders of the craft in the Czech Republic. Besides his lifelong camera work, he lectured at the Department of Camera and Photography until his retirement. In 1989 he was awarded the title of Professor for his academic accomplishments, and he also received a state medal for his contribution to Czech television production.

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When: 31/05/2017 13:33:53
Author: Eliška Černá, Other specialisation: Památkář
Title: Nahrávání a zpracování textů
Nahrávání pro projekt Televise BUDE! Pro nahrávání jsme zvolili kavárnu Krásné ztráty. Během nahrávání byl přítomen pan Radim Procházka z projektu Televise BUDE! Nahrávání se uskutečnilo v roce 2013 a k II. části nahrávání nedošlo, vzhledem k tomu, že v říjnu 2016 pamětník zemřel. Příběh byl dopracován ve spolupráci s manželkou pana Landische.
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