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Mindia Salukvadze (1933) - Biography

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How can I say anything positive about Stalin, he ordered to arrest every child together with mother under 18 months

Born in Tbilisi, March 06, 1933, Father was philologist, worked as a school director, mother was a teacher.

Father was member of socialist –Democratic Party for that he was arrested in 1933; he was detained at work and sentenced 8 years of exile in Siberia. Wife managed to visit him once. After father’s arrest they were turned out from house and resettled in a small room without windows.

In 1937, they took mother; Mindia was 4 and brother 8. Children were brought up by widowed aunt who had 2 own daughters. Childhood was really hard, many years later he found out that father was shot in 1937 in a camp; mother was also shot immediately after arrest as a wife of enemy.


In 1956 Mindia graduated Tbilisi State University, the faculty of physics. As he was a member of repressed family, it was hard to find job for a long time. The he started to work at school as a teacher, then at the Academy of Science, institute of system management, He became the director of the institute at the age of 40. He made his Phd and maintained thesis in Moscow. He got married with her ex student Tamar Jashi. They have two daughters and grandchildren. At the age of 50, he was elected as a member of Georgia’s Academy of Science. At the age of 60 he was given a title of Academician

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