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Vratislav Rýpar (1948) - Biography

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Don’t be afraid of any work, if you don’t know something, you will learnt it by observing others

Vratislav Rýpar was born February 14, 1948 in Prague. His father was a chemist and Vratislav studied chemistry as well. Some time later, however, his interests changed to electrical engineering. He gained some introduction to this field in a Pioneer club and then he became a member of the Svazarm organization where he obtained a radio operator's certificate and later an amateur transmitter license. He made use of his expertise in electrical technology already as a secondary school student when he was helping out as a sound engineer for a big beat band. In the late 1960s he got a job as an assistant technician in the Transmission Unit of the Czechoslovak Television. He did not have to part with electrotechnics even while doing his military service: he was assigned to work as a radio operator and his duty included the maintenance of radio transmitters. When he finished his army service he naturally returned to his work in the television, but this time to the department of television recording technology where he got an opportunity to work with considerably more advanced equipment: the Ampex system. This later helped him to get promoted to an even more interesting workplace, to the TV News broadcast from Měšťanská beseda. During his work there he had access to information from all over the world, which opened up new horizons to him in the technical field as well as in general.

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