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Andrea Nádasdy Nikolits (1933) - Biography

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I’ve left behind the past of my first 23 years too

Nádasdy Nikolits Andrea was born in a wealthy bourgeois family in Budapest in 1933. His father Nikolits Mihály was appointed to be a Lord Lieutenant of Baranya County,
so the family moved to Pécs. They moved back to Budapest in 1947. Andrea went to the Secondary School of Arts and Crafts in Budapest in 1948. She left it for reasons of politics in 1950 when his father was B -listed and the rest of her family resettled. She worked as a silk painter and as a bar singer afterwards. She got married in1952.
Her daughter was born in 1953. She escaped to Austria through the green border without her family on 29 november 1956. She stayed in Vienna for 3 months. From 1957 to 1961 she lived in France where she worked as a housekeeper. She relocated in the USA in 1961 where she got to the top as a designer, later as a stylist. In the meantime her husband (who stayed in Hungary) divorced her and she could manage to take her daughter to live with her only in 1966. Count Ferenc Nádasdy married her in 1982. They lived in Ottawa. She retired in 1995. She returned to Hungary in 1996 and together with her husband she endowed a fund.
She worked for their Nádasdy Fund till 2013.

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