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Ярослав Тихий (1913 - 1996) - Biography

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"After the evil comes goodness... And after iniquity the truth comes out. The truth [always] comes back"

Jaroslav Tykhyi was born on April 22, 1913 in the town of Pidhaytsi in the Ternopil region in a family of a court official. The family had six children, three boys and three girls. When Yaroslav was 9 years old, his father died. His mother remained a widow and never married again. Jaroslav attended high school in Berezhany where he got Maturity degree and received a certificate of it in 1933. During his study he was a member of "the Plast", belonged to the Ukrainian Catholic Youth Organization as well as to the Marian society.

His vocation to the priesthood was developed under the influence of his mother, a pious woman who wanted his son to become a priest. In 1938 he graduated from the Lviv Theological Academy .In 1941 he worked as a secretary of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society, which was engaged in charity work and helped the sick, the prisoners and the needy. He married on 22 August, 1942 to Helen Shpytkovska, a daughter of the Greek Catholic priest and professor of the gymnasium. The marriage took place in St. Peter's and Paul's church in L'viv. Ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Nikita Budka on January 3, 1943 and appointed a vicar of St. Paraskeva-Friday's church in L'viv. Six months later he was transferred to St. Peter's and Paul's church, and in 1944 he was appointed an administrator in St. Andrew's church in Levandivka neighborhood.

After 1944 the persecution of him began, he was called out into the KGB, there was an intimidation and inducement to cooperate. Father Jaroslav didn't agree to go over to the orthodoxy. Arrested on January 26, 1946, he was sentenced to 10 year imprisonment with confiscation of property and 5 year revocation of rights by the Military Tribunal of MIA in the L'viv region on June 17, 1946. He was imprisoned in the North of the USSR. In the camp along with him there were the other priests, the fathers tried to confess the prisoners, administer Holy Communion, worship (especially on holidays). Fr. Jaroslav was convicted on parole on October 25, 1954 according to the Decree of Indemnity.

He returned to his family in L'viv, but he was not allowed to register, and three months later he was forced to leave L'viv. He went to the town of Pidhaitsi where he lived at his sister in law's. In 1958 he acquired the right of residence in L'viv and began to work as a disinstructor in the local disinfection station, he worked till 1982. Since returning from prison he was engaged in the clandestine pastoral activities: worshipped, baptized children, confessed, married, buried. It lasted until the revival of our state, and despite the fact that he was under the constant surveillance with frequent searches and checks at home. On April 9, 1993 fr. Jaroslav Tykhyi was rehabilitated.  From 1994 until his going into eternity, fr. Yaroslav was the spiritual guardian of Mother and Child Hospital "Okhmatdyt" and a regular confessor in St. Michael's church, which is served by the frs. Studites. Fr. Jaroslav died on December 26, 1996 and was buried at the L'viv cemetery.

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