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Zoltán Gúth (1929) - Biography

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“He whistles, a short and a long sigh, slows down, and it’s time to jump down.”

Zoltán Gúth was born on November 1st, 1929 in Maglód. His father was a tradesman and his mother a secretary. His mother died early and his father remarried. After elementary and secondary school, he attended a commercial school but he never finished it. At the end of WWII, he was mobilized and served in the anti-aircraft defense. In 1948, after crossing the Soviet border illegally, he was brought to Siberia to a variety different penal camps. He spent two years in a gulag, then four and a half year in exile. In Siberia, he married a Russian woman and they had two children. His family followed him to Hungary after he returned. He was condemned for four months for allegedly agitating disillusion with the regime in his working place. During the 1956 Hungarian revolution, he took part in the fight against Communist forces. After 1956, his family decided to return to the Soviet Union. He tried to follow them, he attempted to cross the border to the Soviet Union and was caught both times and condemned. After his release, he was ordered to settle down in Borsod county. He lived in Tiszaszederkény (later Leninváros, Tiszaújváros). He divorced his Russian wife, remarried and had three children. He worked as painter in the town and all over in the country. He retired in 1989. After the change of the political regime, he got amends for the political persecution he had suffered.

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