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Danuška Lehárová (1923) - Biography

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It´s been a long time, but I keep remembering him. You cannot erase that.

Danuška Lehárová (formally Veselá, née Kučerová) was born on 6 January, 1923 in Pilsen in a family of a chemist, Alois Kučera. She studied the State reform gymnasium in Pilsen and later attended a business school. She met her husband František Veselý in Nemošice near Pardubice and they married in 1941. The husband worked in a mill, which he co-owned. On 17 March, 1943 he was arrested for an economic offense and imprisoned. At that time the witness was already pregnant and in September 1943 she gave birth to their daughter Dana. František Veselý was sentenced to five years in prison and fifty thousand crowns penalty. In January 1944 he was taken to penitentiary Bernau in Bawaria and in March of the same year the witness received a message of his death. She stayed alone with her daughter and remarried later in 1968, for Ladislav Lehár. They live together in Pardubice.

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