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Jaroslav Šíma (1939) - Biography

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Undesirable for youth education

Jaroslav Šíma (scouts nickname Kaa) was born on 10 April, 1939 in a family of the Czechoslovak army lieutenant, who served in a governmental army. After war he was a member of Kutná Hora Cub pack with 8. section of their scouts centre. He apprenticed in Škoda enterprise, and later studied an industry school and worked for example in Kutná hora tobacco factory. Distantly he studied an Institute of physical education at the Charles University. Before graduation he devoted himself to the second renewal of Junák in Kutná Hora. Then he left in Třinec, where he stated as an instructor of physical education at a specialised training institution, yet for his attitude towards occupation he did not pass so called cadre review. He was finally employed by the TJ Třinecké železárny, where he also retired. Together with his friends from the unit he realised so called "flat scouting" during 1970s. He participated in the third renewal of scouting and in 1990s he was a leader of the scouting centre in Třinec. He is a holder of many scouts awards and a honorary member of Svojsík unit.

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